What People are Saying About Michael Salas, Realtor, Newport Beach, CA

FREE Home Valuation!“Thank you so much for your pictures.  Thank you so very much for spending all the time you did in Photoshop to make them so beautiful.  I’ve already sent out the e-mails to my family and friends going, “Look at this!” and also sharing about all of the effort you went through to make it happen, all that magic!  I’ve already started receiving responses saying what a beautiful home we have and well, it was your pictures that made them show off. Thank you!”

Sharon Jewell (Seller)


“Selling our house with Michael was a wonderful experience. He was extraordinary: He guided us through the whole process and he always stayed calm, which helped me when I’d get anxious. He was always available—we could talk to him about anything. Selling a house is stressful, but he made it easy.

He has a photographer’s eye, so he pays attention to things visually. He gave us several suggestions on how to prepare our home for sale, and he recommended a fabulous guy to stage our home. Then Michael took wonderful photos—and we got an offer on the house before we’d even printed up the flyers!

Michael was excellent during the negotiations. He is one of the most ethical men I’ve ever met. Selling your home is such a personal thing—you have to have the sense that your broker cares about you and about your house. We always knew he had our best interests at heart, but also his sense of integrity is huge; it felt good to do business with someone like that.

I always knew he was a great guy, but now I’m telling everyone, “If you’re selling or buying a house, use Michael!

Barbara Anderson (Seller)


“My wife and I were moving from Chicago to Orange County, and we found Michael’s website through a Google search. We were attracted to the look and feel of the website—it was easy to use, it had listings in our price range, and we liked the fact that it focused on Newport Beach homes. Michael was the first guy I called, and it was clear we had targeted the right person. 

He was upfront with me: He said this was an expensive market and very different from Chicago. He also asked questions about what I was looking for. I had some preconceived notions—like getting a house two blocks from the beach for $600,000. I was pretty wrong about that! But he did a great job of showing me the entire marketplace, giving me a broad-based view, then we started to pinpoint. Michael had an unobtrusive sales approach—he was listening to me, rather than trying to just sell me one of his listings.

We looked at a lot of houses—at least 30—and Michael was very patient. Finally we found a house with all the qualities we wanted, and we got it for $19,000 under the asking price!  When it came to the negotiations, Michael was a good coach for me. He also was a good liaison between the seller’s agent and me. We had some stipulations and so did the seller, and Michael was firm but swift—he didn’t miss anything. And when the home inspection found a couple things that needed taking care of, like the air conditioning unit, Michael negotiated that and it was taken care of by seller. 

Michael made us feel comfortable through the whole process.”

Deke Faires (Buyer)


“When my husband and I moved to Florida, we listed our Corona Del Mar house with FREE Home Valuation!another agent, who had it listed for four months and brought us no offers whatsoever. Then I talked to Michael, and I immediately knew we should have gone with him in the first place!

Michael was proactive: He bought flowers and planted them in front of our house; he put a flower box and fresh flowers in an upstairs window over the garage; he kept the sidewalks swept. He had the place looking really good, which was so important considering that we were 3,000 miles away. Our neighbors were impressed!

Michael also took wonderful photographs of the house and put those in his brochures and website. He had suggested that we have the house painted and use a staging company, which made it look like a model home. We spent about $2,000 for the paint and about $5,000 for the staging, and we feel we got a very good return on our money. We ended up with three offers on the same day—and we sold the house for $15,000 more than the listing price!

He was great about keeping in touch—every Monday or Tuesday he would call us with an update. He handled the three offers and the negotiations very well; he was very thorough, and always knew what had to get done all the way through the escrow process. He was even there for the home inspection, he was there when the house had to get tented, and he supervised the pick-up of the furniture I was donating to charity.

Everything went very smoothly—and I’ve already recommended Michael to a friend!”

Jeanette Moran (Seller)


Michael is just superb. He’s honest, a man of his word, a very good salesperson, and a good people person—I can’t say enough good things about him!  I first met him when he was selling a house in my neighborhood. He spent at least 20 minutes with me, and I was so impressed with that that when I wanted to sell my house, I knew he was the one. At first I was on the fence about selling, and Michael talked to me for about a month without ever pushing. When I was ready to sell, Michael was everything I thought he would be: He always returns calls, and while other realtors give you half effort, Michael gives 110 percent. You really feel you’re on his team. He’s such a good people person—he sells with honesty and knowledge and truth.  I hope to do business with him in the future!”

Joe Socha (Seller)


As an attorney and a real estate broker myself, I was planning to list my own house for sale, but after talking with Michael and seeing all the Coldwell Banker resources he had at his disposal, I became convinced that he could get me a better price than I could get myself—and, in fact, he did! That Michael is a professional photographer was a real bonus: He took some stunning pictures that beautifully presented the positive features of our home. Within a very short time after listing the house, we got a full-price offer, and we sold it shortly after that! Michael really worked hard, paid a lot of attention, and was very professional throughout—I give him my highest recommendation!”

Jim Slaughter (Seller)


“Michael was awesome when it came to negotiating the sale of my house.  Though I hadn’t planned to sell quite so soon (Michael helped me buy it just a few years ago!), the market was too hot to say no.  Michael discussed strategies with me and helped me decide when to sell. Things were very fast and fluid and he stayed right on top of everything. We got multiple offers on the house, and when the first buyer started making unreasonable demands, Michael ended that deal fairly and legally. Fortunately, he had a back-up buyer ready to go at full price, and they were the perfect family.  To complicate things further, my wife, Jodi, and I got married a week before the sale! While Jodi and I were on our honeymoon cruise, Michael “e-faxed” the documents to us on the ship, he e-mailed news updates to us, and he regularly communicated with my father, who had my power of attorney. Everything was signed, sealed and delivered while we were cruising the Mediterranean! My wife and I are VERY happy that Michael was able to help us meet our goal of selling quickly for top dollar.”

Jason Mockabee (Seller)


“When my best friend needed a realtor in Newport Beach to represent his son, a first-time buyer, I recommended Michael—I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else. Michael handled all the negotiations skillfully, he communicated beautifully with my friend and his son during the whole process, and he delivered on everything he promised. In short, he treated his clients, my friends, like his own family. From here on in, all my referrals in Newport Beach will go to Michael Salas.”

Bill Powers, Coldwell Banker

#1 Agent in San Jose Main Office


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“I had to sell my house under extremely stressful circumstances—in fact, one big real estate company told me, ‘You’d better just walk away.’ Into that fray Michael walked: he approached me and said, ‘I think I can get a good price for your house.’ And he did! He handled all the bureaucratic red tape, he dealt with the various agencies involved, and he went racing over to the courthouse with papers…he was just awesome. Plus, he photographed my house so well, it looked like a Playboy shoot without the girls! It never looked so good. What an energetic, can-do kind of guy. He’s unsinkable, with an I’ll-climb-the-mountain attitude. And he really went the distance for me.”

Tom Flynn (Seller)


“We had a complex situation, and Michael was always persistent and positive. He did a really good job of assessing what needed to be done. His photographs made the house look very inviting and warm, and they presented the house to its best advantage. Best of all, we sold the house in a timely manner and in a price range we were very happy with.”

Wanda Flynn (Seller)


“My wife and I were buying and selling homes at the same time, and Michael handled the coordination—with all the hurdles and time constraints—very smoothly, and we were very grateful. He gave us excellent advice in the pricing and marketing of our home: as painful as it was, he helped us realize that our house was hopelessly cluttered, and got it in shape so that it would show better! He was willing to hold as many open houses as we needed, and he was present for all the key inspections. He’s a terrific photographer, and his pictures on the website highlighted our home very well. Even after the sale was complete, when we had a problem that required the services of the warranty company, Michael told us, ‘We’ll stand behind you and make sure you’re covered, no matter what.’ In every way, Michael was always there to protect our interests.”

Michael Stoddard, Retired Attorney (Seller and Buyer)


“I was looking to buy my first house on my own, and was concerned about getting creative financing on a home in the area I wanted. Michael showed me the exact market I was looking for, and he helped address my financial concerns. As a new homebuyer, I did have many questions, and Michael answered them all thoroughly and well. I had confidence in Michael. He and I were in constant contact—he is always available. The seller tried to get out of the deal, and Michael helped keep the negotiations on track to make the deal happen. I feel I got a very good deal, and I would use Michael again.”

Jason Mockabee, CEO (Buyer)


“Another agent tried to sell my home and failed. Michael quickly understood the home and what needed to be done to get it sold. Michael worked very hard, and the communication was excellent—we spoke frequently of the progress. Michael suggested several improvements; he also produced better brochures and more local ads. Michael sold my home in thirteen days, and for my asking price.”

Colin Cooper, CPA (Seller)

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