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Why should you pick me to be your real estate agent? You certainly have plenty of options out there.  Well, I’ll let one of my satisfied clients, Jim Slaughter, tell you why. Jim not only had plenty of Realtors to choose from—he’s a broker and an attorney himself! He could have sold his own house, but instead he chose me. Why? 

Jim: “I was actually planning to list my house myself, but then I met Michael at a neighbor’s open house. As I started talking to him, I became convinced that Michael could get me a better price than I could get myself—a price that would cover the extra commissions. In fact, that’s exactly what happened! We talked about marketing, and all the resources he had at his disposal. I realized that the exposure we could get through Coldwell Banker would be a lot better than what we could get for ourselves.”

Michael: Visit the “Sellers” pages on my website, NewportBeachWaterfrontHomes.com, for more information on the amazing resources that Coldwell Banker can offer you.

Jim:  “Michael was very attentive to detail. He recommended a ‘stager,’ who prepares your home for sale. The stager did a lot of work to get our house in top condition, which helped our house sell very quickly and for an excellent price.” 

Michael:  Staging makes a huge difference in preparing your home for the market: The staging process reduces the clutter in your home (admit it—we all have clutter). It   “depersonalizes” a home (in a good way!)—allowing a buyer to picture themselves living there. It makes rooms seem larger by maximizing the space. All of this significantly increases your home’s value. Homes that are staged sell faster than homes that aren’t. 

Jim: “The fact that he’s a professional photographer was a real bonus: Michael took stunning pictures of our house that were extremely helpful in marketing it. The photos did such a nice job of showcasing positive features of our house.

Michael: Visit the “Meet Michael” page on my website if you’d like more information about my background as a photographer—and how I can put that skill to use for you! 

Jim: “Due to Michael’s understanding of the market, we priced our home significantly higher than I had originally planned. We accepted a full-price offer within days of listing the house and the sale closed shortly after that.”

Michael:  While I can’t promise such a swift sale in every case, I specialize in pricing, preparing, and presenting homes so effectively that they hit the market perfectly—meaning you get top dollar for your home as quickly as possible.

Jim: “Michael was very professional and very responsive throughout. During the negotiations, he always said the right thing at the right time. I give Michael my highest recommendation!”


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